Pompon Pima, a brand that emerged by reinventing itself, like many other businesses affected by the current pandemic, we are a brand that works with conscience and its main motivation is to seek the well-being of all babies.

For this reason, Pompon Pima joins Taller de los Niños to directly impact the lives of many babies.

NGO Taller de los Niños (TANI Peru) is an NGO that seeks to transform access to early childhood services for vulnerable babies. To do this, they develop health, education and protection strategies for children under 5 years of age since 1978, allowing them to serve more than 15,000 families each year.

“Many families with young babies have few resources to ensure proper clothing which is essential to ensure a sense of well-being, to promote free play and healthy interactions. Lack of proper clothing has a direct negative impact on the development of boys and girls

For this reason, for each purchase you make, we will donate an equal garment so that many babies receive the quality they always deserve.

Distribución a domicilio​

Delivery dentro de Lima Metropolitana, con todas las medidas de seguridad en un plazo máximo de 24 horas.

Calidad y Diseño

En cada prenda existe una combinación de suavidad, calidad y diseño en el que se ve reflejado la máxima comodidad de nuestros hijos.


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