Gift Card $50


The best conceit is to choose what you like the most!
You buy the Gift Card we will send the certificate and they choose their gift.
We will give you and the customer a virtual code beneficiary through an email.
You can make the purchase through the web or in the physical store without complications.
Without expiration.
“May your baby’s skin only touch the softest” #LOVEPIMA

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The Pompon Pima US Virtual Gift Card is the property of ALATI SAC, R.U.C. N° 20544233573 and can be purchased only at
HOW TO USE: After entering your Virtual Gift Card code during the payment process at the balance will immediately be reduced from the total order.
If the total of your order exceeds the amount on your Virtual Gift Card, you can pay the rest with any payment method available in our store at the time of making your purchase. The Virtual Gift Card can only be used once and the amount of the purchase must be equal to or greater than the amount of the Virtual Gift Card, in no case can it be less, this because no type of money refund can be made. On the same purchase or order you can only use one Virtual Gift Card. In the case of having more than one Virtual Gift Card, you should contact us at to provide you with more information.
ALATI SAC has the right to refuse the sale of Virtual Gift Cards to any person for various reasons. For example, if the payment has been made with a payment method that is not validated by the corresponding payment gateway.
Once the payment of the Virtual Gift Card has been made, ALATI SAC has up to maximum 72 hours to send the Virtual Gift Card to the beneficiary. This is due to the payment validations that must be made to finalize the sale of the Virtual Gift Card.
EXPIRATION: The Virtual Gift Card it can only be used once and is valid for an unlimited time. RETURNS: The Virtual Gift Card cannot be returned or canceled after purchase.


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